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the bandits

yes, that is underwear.
chloe's idea (she wanted me to include that)

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from the art desk

"from the art desk"
is our new weekly post featuring the girls art or writing from that week.

I got the idea a couple of nights ago after the girls went to sleep. I was cleaning up the school room and discovered these cool drawings on their desk. They hadn't shown me yet, I guess they are a work in progress, but I loved finding them laid out waiting to be discovered.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

ta daa!

Bella's first egg!
Chloe discovered the egg on Dec 31st.
Bella was clucking with such pride when we all ran to see it.
We felt a little sad to take the egg away..
Bella was standing guard and tried to
peck Chloe a bit.
She was acting a little strange a few days before, she kept squatting and making different noises. We weren't sure if it was happening or not, but out it came!
It's so cool that we are going to have fresh eggs!