Monday, April 30, 2012

two wheels

who's riding without these?

this girl!

so a little story: we got home from a long day of errands. Mae really couldn't wait to ride her bike, so I put dinner making off for a bit and went out to help. She put her helmet on, got the bike ready and away she went. Everything was going great.. balancing, steering, pedaling but then she stopped  abruptly. I asked what happened and she said " nothing's wrong I'm just stopping to let this little bug cross"  do you see the bug? It's the little black speck just below her tire. She saw this little guy while focusing on all she had to do with bike riding. That's my little maisy! 

bye bug

Monday, April 9, 2012

the making of a garden

Mae helping fill the beds

papa doing the heavy work

waffle rubbing in the dirt

Chloe reading and avoiding the dirt

a little chicken love

finished and planted!

keeping the chickens out!