Friday, December 30, 2011

chloe these days

"harry potter" (of course)

 making bottle cap necklaces

drawing.. drawing and more drawing!

oh yes... the coolest gift ever!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the storm

On Wednesday November 30th we had a wind storm with category 2 hurricane winds. It started around 8 that night and didn't stop until late morning. I was at a mom's night until 11:30 and got caught driving home in the craziness. Trees were bending, palm frawns were flying. I saw traffic lights smashed on the road and lamp posts snapped in half. About fifteen minutes after I got home the lemon tree in the back yard was completely uprooted. Our neighbor's huge deodar cedar lost a pretty big branch that hit our house and blocked the driveway. We lost shingles and part of our fence fell and broke. It was a crazy night. All and all we had little damage compared to most people in our area. We are very grateful that we were all safe. The surprising thing that happened was the support from all of our neighbors. It was a nice feeling to see all of us coming together to help clean up the mess. The girls too were extremely helpful, jumping right in to help without being asked. 
It's weird how a storm can bring out the best in people.