Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

puddle quack

please meet Mr. Puddle Quack!

he has a little seeing problem.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

cupcake's story

This is cupcake. 
One of Mae's favorite stuffed animals. (mine too) 
We got her in Pennsylvania years ago and this is her San Francisco adventure.

 Right after we arrived at the Golden Gate Vista Point Mae started tossing Cupcake into the air and catching her. I thought it would make a good picture to capture her flying in the air.
So I encouraged her to keep doing it.
While we were reading the information about the bridge 
Mae tugged on my shirt and said Cupcake is up there:

Wow... Okay.. so I looked around for anything that would help get her down. nothing! The Vista Point was basically just a bathroom. No rangers, nothing.. I started to tell Mae that we couldn't get her down and she was going to have to leave her there. Kevin was holding her and saying we needed to get this over with and leave, but I couldn't leave her up there. Especially with Mae crying and because it was cupcake. So I suggested putting Mae on his shoulders and letting her climb onto the roof. Didn't work! Then we tried Chloe on his shoulders.. Nope.. couldn't reach the roof. Not wanting to give up I walked around trying to figure something out when I found a janitor coming out of the men's room. I asked him for a ladder, step ladder, chair or broom,  anything that would help. A man of few words he produced a plastic step ladder and a push broom!! Yeah .. okay

So we tried Mae on Kevin's shoulders, but still she couldn't reach.

 Then ta da.. Chloe to the rescue!

 Almost... Almost...


Cupcake returned safe and sound!

Big hugs for Chloe

and the quiet helpful janitor!!

After Chloe said "mama I just had to get it for her, I felt so bad for Mae, I know how that would feel"
Mae said "I'm never taking her outside again!"
Kevin said "Wow I'm glad you were here, I would have left"
I told Kevin if it wasn't for his strong shoulders we wouldn't have been able to get her down. I asked him if it was hard holding Chloe on his shoulders and balancing on a plastic bowing step ladder.

His response... I think I'm hurt!